IMG_5402-webHaas Hall Academy’s curriculum is as unique and individualized as you.

Haas Hall Academy’s curriculum is an accelerated college preparatory academic program going into greater depth than is normally found in similar high school courses. Your curriculum at Haas Hall Academy will be focused on your intended college major.

As a microcosm of a university, scholars at Haas Hall Academy earn a full Carnegie unit of academic credit per semester. Our scholars are able to complete two years of mathematics, science, history, art, etc., in one calendar year.

Scholars complete courses by academic ability not by grade level. English is the only exception. Our scholars take an entire year of literature and language each calendar year. This ensures our scholars are well read and can write well.

By definition, Haas Hall Academy’s curriculum is immersed in technology. Haas Hall Academy incorporates technology into all of its classical secondary school subjects.

With small class sizes, we provide unparalleled one-on-one instruction. Our superintendent personally connects with every scholar and parent to assess academic goals and aspirations.

Our course offerings parallel the requirements of largely private preparatory schools. Haas Hall Academy produces a truly educated graduate prepared for the academic challenges that will await them in their higher educational pursuits.


The Importance of College Preparation

The state of Arkansas trails most of the country in preparing its graduating seniors for freshman level classes at a university. Haas Hall takes pride in producing truly prepared graduates.

  • Just 17% of Arkansas graduating seniors are prepared for the rigors of college with a mere 6 states lagging behind Arkansas.
  • 54.3% of entering college Freshmen in the state of Arkansas score an 18 or below on their ACT, resulting in required remedial courses.
  • Every year, Arkansas spends $65 million to remediate students who are admitted to college but who lack basic academic skills. This is the equivalent of the combined budgets of seven (7) community colleges.
  • Nationally, we lose $17 billion annually on lost productivity and remedial education in post-secondary institutions and the workplace for skills that should have been learned in high school.
  • 76% of college students who take remedial courses in reading never earn a degree.
  • 63% of college students who take remedial courses in math never earn a degree.

Why a Math & Science-based Education?

The answer is really quite simple—to ensure the future academic success of your child!

Extensive research has proven that students who have taken more demanding science & math courses in high school are better prepared for college and work. In college the stumbling blocks for the vast majority of undergraduate students are their required math and science courses.

Sadly, many students have not been prepared in high school for introductory science and math courses and are quickly faced with the rude awakening that they were not adequately prepared for college.

“Students who complete Algebra II are more than twice as likely to graduate from college compared to students with less mathematical preparation.” — 2008 U.S. Department’s Final Report of the Mathematics Advisory Panel

Obtaining a college degree is a unique investment. You can determine the rate of return based upon your major. Students who major in fields that emphasize mathematics can expect to see a higher rate of return on their investment than those who choose other majors. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, all 15 college majors with the highest earnings potential rely on mathematics skills.

“Math is at the crux of who gets paid, If you have those skills, you are an extremely valuable asset.” — Ed Koc, Director of Research at NACE.