Ganesh, sophomore

Ganesh, sophomore


When I came to this school, it was the smallest school I had ever been to, and I thought to myself, “How can this school be the best school in Arkansas?” After a full year here, I know the answer to that question. Before I came to this school, I went going to a boarding school in India for two years, and I barely thought about my future—where I’m going to go to college or what I want to be when I grow up. Then, I came to Haas, and I found out how hard I really have to work to get into a good college and be successful in life. I like how this school has a small environment, and I don’t think I would have gotten the same experience if I had gone to a larger school.

The teachers are a big reason why I choose to stay in this school rather than go to a different one. I probably wouldn’t have gotten as much individual attention if I had gone to another school. The students are also a big part of why I like this school. They are all very friendly, and I had no trouble making friends. They are also very competitive, which is good because it motivates me to keep up with them and work hard to do better. The students make this school one of the best in the nation, and I feel very lucky to be accepted into this school.[boc_divider divider_color=”#eeeeee” icon=”icon icon-graduation-cap”]

Elijah, grade 9

“I am always getting pushed and encouraged by teachers, classmates, and my parents to strive to be my best. If I don’t get an A, I know I have back up at Haas Hall. It is a place where I learn a lot from everyone around me.”[boc_button btn_content=”Read More” href=”/student-life/culture/elijah” btn_style=””]

Nicole, graduated 2014

“After making the switch (to Haas Hall) I no longer dreaded the next school day. Instead, I was curious and interested to see what school may offer me each day. I threw myself into all kinds of activities and really found my niche. I finally felt like school mattered.”[boc_button btn_content=”Read More” href=”/student-life/culture/nicole” btn_style=””]

Nathan, grade 9

“Haas Hall is a small but friendly community of people who love to learn and teach. Haas offers a variety of classes to take, so anybody can have the perfect educational experience. With the personalized scheduling at Haas, I was able to take Chemistry and Algebra 2 in my eighth-grade year, which I would be difficult to do anywhere else.”[boc_button btn_content=”Read More” href=”/student-life/culture/nathan” btn_style=””]