Maddy, graduated 2014

scholar-profile-abigailAfter ten years of being happily homeschooled, my co-op disbursed and I became educationally “homeless”. Haas Hall Academy’s academic prestige and intmate size recommended it as the ideal school to prepare me for college. This school has become much more to me, however, than simply a transitional place.

The atmosphere at Haas Hall is one that encourages success – my classmates have continually challenged me to work harder and think deeper. Acheivement in academics is always encouraged and rewarded, not just by the school, but by the competitive nature of the student body. Because of the small classes and block schedule, it is easy to become fully engaged within the classroom and intensely focused on each area of interest. My teachers truly care about my success, both during my time at Haas Hall and beyond, and several teachers have gone out of their way to ensure that I understand individual concepts.

Most importantly, however, is the feeling of responsibility shared by the scholars at this school. We are humbled by our role in contributing to the success of the #1 Public High School in Arkansas, and we strive to continue to make our teachers, school, and state proud.[boc_divider divider_color=”#eeeeee” icon=”icon icon-graduation-cap”]

Elijah, grade 9

“I am always getting pushed and encouraged by teachers, classmates, and my parents to strive to be my best. If I don’t get an A, I know I have back up at Haas Hall. It is a place where I learn a lot from everyone around me.”[boc_button btn_content=”Read More” href=”/student-life/culture/elijah” btn_style=””]

Nicole, graduated 2014

“After making the switch (to Haas Hall) I no longer dreaded the next school day. Instead, I was curious and interested to see what school may offer me each day. I threw myself into all kinds of activities and really found my niche. I finally felt like school mattered.”[boc_button btn_content=”Read More” href=”/student-life/culture/nicole” btn_style=””]

Asa, junior

“One thing that has always stuck out to me about Haas Hall is the willingness of the teachers to help each individual scholar, to create a healthy work environment, and to actually get to know their students personally.”[boc_button btn_content=”Read More” href=”/student-life/culture/asa” btn_style=””]