Academic Focus

Academic Focus

Haas Hall Academy is a school of acceleration for scholars with intensity of purpose seeking a rigorous college preparatory curriculum. We hold higher academic expectations for all scholars, not just a select few. Our focus is academics to ensure that we have 100% placement in colleges and universities.

Our curriculum is geared toward scholars seeking to focus in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. Our educational philosophy is to expose and prepare our scholars now for the rigorous mathematics and science content they will be exposed to in college.

As a functioning microcosm of a university, scholars complete Carnegie units by semester—not by the year. Haas Hall Academy is the accelerated college preparatory choice for students with high intensity of purpose. Our graduates often tell us their first semester of college was a review because of the intensive preparation they received while attending Haas Hall Academy.

Designing your Course of Study

Your educational opportunities are rich and limitless at Haas Hall Academy! We will design a curriculum just for you that will focus on your intended college major. The correlation of background knowledge and academic achievement will create great advantages for our scholars as they enter college. As a Haas Hall Academy graduate, you will be extremely well-prepared for your higher education journey.

Our instructional day and pedagogical techniques mirror a college setting. Our scholars complete courses by the semester – not by the calendar year. Our faculty holds advanced degrees in their respective fields, providing you with a level of instruction and subject area knowledge unparalled in traditional schools.


Learn more about how our Math & Science-based curriculum produces truly educated scholars, fully prepared for the academic challenges of college.


Accredited by AdvancED, Haas Hall adheres to a set of educational standards which speak to our school’s effectiveness, culture and continuous improvement.