Graduate Success

Graduate Success

Haas Hall Academy has a 100% graduation rate and 100% college acceptance rate. It is the only open-enrollment charter school accredited by AdvancED in the state of Arkansas and ranks in the top 5% of all public high schools in the nation.

Haas Hall Academy produces truly educated graduates ready for the academic challenges that await them in their higher education pursuits. As a functioning microcosm of a university, scholars complete Carnegie units by semester—not by the year. Our graduates often tell us their first semester of college was a review because of the intensive preparation they received while attending Haas Hall Academy.

Haas Hall Academy is the accelerated college preparatory choice for students with high intensity of purpose.

Northwest Arkansas has become one of the fastest growing parts of the country. Unfortunately in northwest Arkansas there is little choice in public education for parents and scholars seeking a small, personalized academic environment with a rigorous, college-prep curriculum.

The state of Arkansas trails most of the country in preparing its graduating seniors for freshman level classes at a university. Just 17% of Arkansas graduating seniors are prepared for the rigors of college with a mere 6 states lagging behind Arkansas. 54.3% of entering college Freshmen in the state of Arkansas must take remedial courses because they scored an 18 or below on the American College Testing (ACT) program examination. Arkansas spent $53.8 million remediating students in 2007—the equivalent of the combined budgets of seven (7) community colleges.

Nationally, we lose $17 billion annually on lost productivity and remedial education in post-secondary institutions and the workplace for skills that should have been learned in high school. 76% of college students who take remedial courses in reading never earn a degree. 63% of college students who take remedial courses in math never earn a degree.